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Moving through Fear. Why people, even people with training, will choose not to help someone in an emergency situation.

This one is easy to deal with…LEARN! Get certified!

There are nearly as many reasons for a person to not want to learn CPR/First-Aid as there are people. Here’s a few common ones:

  • You faint at the site of blood.
  • You don’t want to do mouth to mouth on a stranger and you don’t know if the instructor even cleaned those manikins.
  • You took it once years ago and it seemed complicated.
  • Last instructor I had put me to sleep. Longest 8 hours of my life.

You don’t want to do mouth to mouth on a stranger – then don’t. Not taking a CPR course for this reason precludes you from receiving valuable information on heart attack recognition and intervention. Also the recognition and intervention of an obstructed airway for an adult, child and infant; conscious and unconscious. The recognition and intervention of a Stroke. Too much to miss related to one fear element.

As for it seeming to be too complicated I admit there was a time when it was, but thanks to ILCOR there has been huge strides toward both simplicity and effectiveness.

Finally if the last instructor you had put you to sleep, try another. There are many good instructors out there. TTM has a no snoring guarantee!

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