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CPR and some first-aid standards start with ILCOR. A simple summation: ILCOR is a world wide organization formed in 1992, comprised of about 200 Doctors from all over the world that dissect and analyze compiled information gathered at a sudden Cardiac Arrest or a major trauma event. They break down information in an effort to achieve both simplicity and efficiency with regard to practical resuscitation or life sustaining measures. ILCOR has released new standards every 5 years. The first in 2000 then 2005, 2010, 2015 so we expect to see changes again in 2020 etc. It takes about 1 year for all of the authorized CPR/First-Aid providers to interpret the new information, re-publish training manuals to include the new information and update instructors. When we say “they” changed the numbers again; “they” is ILCOR. Written by TTM

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