The Training Medic is a source for emergency tips, opportunities, legislative awareness and more… a thought provoking guy with a sense of humor.

I’m a guy that cares! Over 20 years in health care says that. I’ve lived in a multitude of places throughout Ontario. I’ve been given the opportunity to work in many locations, in a variety of work-site styles.

Related to the medical side of things, as a nurse, there has been a few hospitals, nursing homes, retirement residence and on the road, sometimes quite literally, as a paramedic. I’ve taught Health Care sciences at a couple of colleges. Spent 10 years post-secondary with 6 years of medical study. Should you not care about “the who”?

The Training Medic will help you obtain required realistic, relate-able, lifesaving skills presented in a way that gets people engaged and keeps material memorable. Your workers will safely return to their productivity feeling comfortable and confident with refreshed or new skills. Oh my goodness! I started to sound like a commercial…sorry about that! Should you care where you get training from? This is the only question…should you?

Along with the perversity of being that guy that really enjoys Anatomy and Physiology right down to the cells, I also like to fantasize that I have a sense of humor…

but I’m not all jokes. This is my face after I give instructions…

…and someone asks what to do.

CPR/First-Aid training is not a passing fancy for me. I have been instructing full time for 13 years now. I have certified over 10,000 people. Please let my knowledge, experience and passion affect your workers. Call now for a consultation (613) 921-8489. One call could save you thousands!

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