2nd Edition


Written by TTM

Its funny when you think about it. Very few of us, if any, ever go to our doctors office and ask them, “So, how did you do in school? I mean did you graduate at the top of your class with honors? Or did you have to write your national exams three times before you passed?” Doctors are human and as such are subject to error.

“Are all Certified Health and Safety Professionals created equally?” All CRSP are certified by the board. Again, that accreditation is not just given away. There is some significant criteria just to be considered eligible to apply to the board and after you’ve been accepted it certainly doesn’t end there does it? That’s the same passion I have with understanding educational concepts, entertainment, and engagement.

Are all authorized providers of CPR and First-Aid created equally?

If you ask about equal – then Yes. All authorized providers are to follow carefully created curriculum, approved by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board. In theory you should be able to go from one provider to the next and get the exact same course program provided…however…

If you are asking about equally – then No. The simplest understanding of this is to just consider that there will be differences from one human being to another. Some facilitators are better public speakers than others. Some have a greater accumulation of knowledge on topics than others. Some have a multitude of real life experience. Some have advanced education about how to educate, or how to get participants engaged, keep them engaged, give them a comprehension that leads to retention, etc…but…

Do you care about this?

What would make you choose one Emergency Training Provider over another?

Anyone can put on a band-aid, but what if something very serious happens? How well trained are your responders?

There are some great knowledgeable and experienced CPR/FA instructors out there. This is not advertising. But of course…Yes! I’m an option.

The point is: It is your job to ensure the health and safety of all the workers at you workplace. The reality is sometimes things go wrong, because of this you need to give consideration to the instructor responsible for training your responders. Are they able to deliver all required material while giving focus to life and its best chance of preservation? Are the First-Responders at your company confident? Are they competent? How do you know?

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