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Use “tricks” and “magic” to make them better

Written by TTM

For those of you that have children in school that love it and are doing well – Congratulations! – Skip – Go to the next article.

Unfortunately, not all parents are in your shoes. Mine weren’t. There are so many factors that effect an individuals ability to learn. Nutritional intake, over all physical and mental health and mental ability obviously play a large part. Their ability to focus; ADD, or ADHD, or what ever its being called now, can definitely play a role. If someone is distressed or depressed it will make learning nearly impossible.

Motivation to learn is huge. What systems do you use to enable motivation? Are you familiar with the 4 types of “Operant Conditioning”? (Article for the future) Some of the following tips are “tricks” to aid in some learning challenges.

Reading there is a superb reading technique, developed and coined over 50 years ago by Francis Robinson; the SQ3R method. Today it has been updated to the SQ4R method. The 6 steps involved are proven to aid in comprehension, retention and review effectiveness for tests.

If you know of the SQ4R method make sure your kids are aware of it too, show them the “magic”. Most children are not taught how to learn until they start their post secondary education and the “magic” can lack thereafter as well.

Are you paying for a post secondary education? If so, I’m sure you’d like to feel assured that your child is going to have the tools to maximize their potential, not just learn to improve their beer-pong or gaming skills.

Note taking the LISAN method is a proven winner. If you know about this, great; make sure your children know too. If you are curious about this you can look it up or ask and I’ll share.

Study in a specific place. This “trick” is huge and a personal biggy. It almost goes with out saying that we should study in a quiet, well-light area free from distraction. If possible, this study space is used only for study. Do nothing else in that spot. Keep magazines, radios, friends, pets, posters, games, puzzles, food, lovers, sports cars, elephants, pianos, hang gliders, kazoos, and phones out of the area. If they only use this area for study it becomes a conditioned response. When they don’t have the “willpower” to study, if they just go to the area, they will “magically” find it much easier to get started.

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