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Moving through Fear. Why people, even people with training, will choose not to help someone in an emergency situation.

Written by TTM

The very first thing we should ask ourselves before we help anyone in a First-Aid need is… “Is it safe for me to proceed?” “ Is there any type of hazard or potential hazard present that can hurt me in any way?” We also need to give the same consideration to the victim and any bystanders. What if it is not safe? What do we do?…these are simple questions with potentially tough answers.

There are a number of types of hazards, but for the purposes of First-Aid we are only primarily concerned with 2 types: Physical Hazards such as roadways, waterways, fires, wires, gas, glass, guns, knifes, and bad guys, chemicals and more. Biological Hazards such as infected or potentially infected body fluid.

Can you deal with the hazard? Do you have an escape route planned? Do you have the proper training and / or equipment? No, then call 911 and give them the best possible description of the scene or environment. If you answered, “Yes” , call 911, then deal with the hazard properly first. Always, when possible, remove the hazard(s) from the victim to avoid unnecessarily moving the victim. If it is safe for you to move the victim, and you have no choice but to do so, try to move them as carefully as possible. I mean the way porcupines make love – very carefully!

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