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ICE is our FRIEND!

As always, to control bleeding you would use:

Rest – stop all physical activity.

Elevation – elevate above the level of the heart (where and when possible)

Direct pressure or

Indirect pressure – use indirect pressure in the presence of an impaled object or if the laceration has been made with glass. If the injury has been made with glass you do not want to put direct pressure on this wound unless you are certain there is no glass in the wound.

The above is standard education, I would like to add the following.

Hemostatic dressings can be used with minimal training.

Ice – if the bleeding is still not being well controlled we can use ice. Place the ice between the area of injury and the heart. Preferably at a pulse point, near the injured area. The localized vasoconstriction, caused by the ice, will slow the blood flow to the extremity. Again, as mentioned in “Ice is our Friend – Pain Reduction” wrap the ice or ice pack in a cloth. Do not apply directly to the skin as this can cause frostbite. One more caution; do not apply ice to the carotid arteries for a head injury. You may end up with a whole new problem.

Tourniquets have a place but should only be used as a last resort! To learn the significant dangers of using tourniquets without specific training contact TTM

You should add instant ice packs to your First-Aid box.

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