Practice, Practice, Practice, it will make you better. You’ve heard it before, because it works!

$100,000.00 is a common fine amount for an accidental fatality in the workplace in Ontario.

Is your staff ready for a real workplace emergency?

No one knows how they will respond to an actual emergency, but like anything, the more practice the better chance of a favorable outcome.

CPR/First-Aid certification is good for 3 years regardless of provider. How often does someone in a workplace ever have to perform CPR or First-Aid? Hopefully the answer is never. So, how well will your workers perform when the time comes with out practice?

Consider a couple of hours every few months. Just scenarios with feedback. It can be scheduled and/or unscheduled. Lets see how they do.

It will:

1. Keep the knowledge and safety culture present.

2. Aid your employees to return home safe everyday and minimize lost time costs which can be huge if you consider all the potential cost associated; such as: Lost productivity, WSIB surcharges, and hiring and training costs.

3. Allow you to meet the legal obligation an employer has to “take every precaution reasonable for worker protection” as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act. (OHSA) [section 25, subsection (2) paragraph (h)

4. Review, challenge and develop your existing Hazard Analysis and Hazard Management programs.

5. Keep the knowledge and safety culture present. Yes, this is a repeat, but it’s one worth mentioning again.

CPR/First-Aid training is not a passing fancy for me. I have been instructing full time for 13 years. I have certified over 10,000 people. Please let my knowledge, experience and passion affect your workers. Call now for a consultation (613) 921-8489. One call could save you thousands!

Written by TTM

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