Is it possible to driving safely after taking a couple of drinks?

Hell, no. Driving safely and drinking are everthing but synonyms. Come on, we all know that once you have a few drinks your judgment is impaired, hell that’s half the reason most of us drink, right?

Loosen up, lower inhibitions, d-stress, have a blast! You’re just trying to enjoy life right? So what’s the problem?

Sure, sure… I know we shouldn’t drink and drive. Everybody knows that… everybody says that, but once you’ve had a few drinks making an irresponsible choice is not your fault right? Well, it is, and it’s time to learn it once and for good

That’s why we have SADD, BADD, MADD, Smart Serve, Ride checks, severe drinking and driving penalties, lots of legislation and mega marketing “Plan ahead – Arrive alive” aimed at not drinking and driving. Great job society! Just one thing…

Why do we not care when it comes to sober irresponsibility? Where is the mega marketing for that? Here are a couple of news headlines that reflect sober impaired thinking.

Ontario Police Have Responded To Over 300 Collisions In The Last 15 Hours

Here there are some eye-opening and awful facts about drinking vs driving safely:

  • OPP and local police forces reported hundreds of crashed in the GTA alone. November 15, 2018
  • OPP responds to over 350 snow-related crashes in the GTA over the weekend. January 20, 2019
  • Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says officers responded to over 350 crashes in the GTA within 24 hours starting on Saturday afternoon.

That’s one crash every 15 to 20 seconds. That is no where near the one crash every 52 minutes, as a national stat, related to drinking and driving.

Here is a tip: SLOW DOWN! Drive to the conditions of the road.

Here’s another: Leave space!

Do you know that if you were 50 meters (more than ½ a football field) back from someone driving at 50 km/hr you would arrive 3.6 seconds later?

If you were 100 meters back (more than the length of a football field) from someone traveling at 120 km/hr you would arrive 3 seconds later.

Driving 50 meters back from someone traveling 80 km/hr will make you arrive 2.25 seconds later.

“That’s it! You’re fired! You are 2.25 seconds late” is something no one has ever heard.

Why do we feel the need to travel so close to the car in front of us?

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